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Breastfeeding - Increase Milk Flow
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Breastfeeding provides babies with more than physical nutrition - it helps them to feel loved, protected, taken care of. Babies who are breast fed tend to be much happier, well-adjusted, and enjoy better health. Study shows it even increases baby's IQ ...

Breastfeeding - Increase milk flow tih hypnosis

Breastfeeding increases child's IQ

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that breastfed infants tested 5.2 IQ points higher than formula fed infants, for a comprehensive study involving 11 different studies and over 7000 children.

The study, to be published in the October edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition was performed by University of Kentucky nutritionist James Anderson.

"Our study confirms that breast-feeding is accompanied by about a five-points higher IQ than in bottle-fed infants," Anderson said.

Within that increase, Anderson and associates were able to separate the benefits from mother-infant bonding from the purely nutritional benefits of human milk.

"Our best estimates are that maternal bonding and the decision to breast-feed account for about 40 percent of that increase, but that 60 percent -- 3.2 points -- are related to the actual nutritional value of the breast milk," he said.

The link between breast-feeding and brain development has been well established in recent years, but the reasons for it remain controversial. Some researchers believe the link is based on the fact that well-educated, wealthier women breast-feed far more than poor and less educated women. Consequently, breast-fed children will be found to test better for all the reasons that wealthier children from high social classes test better on standardized tests. But others believe there are chemicals in breast milk that encourage brain development, and that those chemicals are now absent in formula. In particular, extensive research is under way into the effects of several Omega-3 fatty acids -docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and arachidonic acid (AA) - that are prevalent in breast milk but absent in infant formula.

Therefore Anderson's group weighed and subtracted 15 factors from their study, such as maternal smoking and education, birth weight, birth order and family income. After all these factors were removed, the researchers still found that breast-fed babies tested 3.1 IQ points higher than formula-fed babies!

How can hypnosis help you to increase milk flow

Our thoughts have power effect upon our bodies. Stress and anxiety may adversely affect and even stop the production of milk. This fact, though, seems to be more familiar to farmers than to nursing mothers - as even farmers have learned that whispering tender words and sending loving energy to cows tends to greatly increase the production of milk.

Most people are aware that even they vividly imagine biting into and sucking a lemon, their salivary glands will begin to secrete. In the same way, our imagery affects all other glands in our bodies, including milk producing glands.

The main function of breasts is to produce milk for the baby. Each breast has milk producing glands that make milk from the nutrients they take from bloodstream. What the nursing mother eats will also affect the quality and the quantity of milk.

Breastfeeding hypnosis CD guides you through the imagery that helps to stimulate your milk glands and increase the flow of milk in your breasts.

Subliminal, supraliminal and supraliminal plus recordings contains only direct suggestions - without the imagery - and while they can work well on their own, they can work even better as boosters to hypnosis recordings.

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